DIY Penny Weighted Bookmark

Penny Weighted Bookmark! 

The smell of a new book is a-maz-ing. A whole new world to explore!

I don't like cracking the bindings of books, especially new library books. Weighted bookmarks come in really handy! They work well with cookbooks, too.

This is a fun, easy, useful DIY for kids, teens and adults. Might be a good gift to make for Mother's day or Father's day?

  • 22 Pennies 
  • Scissors
  • Plain Duct Tape
  • Decorative Duct Tape

Roll out a length of plain duct tape. Lay your pennies in two rows. Use the adhesive lines to keep them as even as possible.

Cut an equal length of tape. Carefully place the tape over the pennies. 

Trim the tape all the way around the pennies.

Cut a piece of decorative duct tape, slightly longer than the plain duct tape. Lay the duct taped pennies on the adhesive side of the decorative duct tape.

Cover with another piece of decorative duct tape. Use your fingertips to press all edges together.

Now your book will stay open! All it took was some tape and $0.22 :-).

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