Easy Double Easter Bonnet Basket

Need an easy Easter basket idea? Use two Easter bonnets from the Target Dollar Spot. Double the bonnets, double the fun!

Supplies - I bought everything at Target:
  • Two Easter bonnets 
  • Multi-Tone Paper Shreds
  • Two Sucker Bouquets
  • Candy Eggs & Other Small Candies
  • Tall/Wide Candy, Pencils or other Tall Items
  • Medium basket items

Put 75% of the paper shreds inside your top bonnet.

Since the bonnet doesn't have sturdy sides (like a regular basket or bucket), we need to counteract the weight of the tall items. So make spaces in the shreds so that you can stand the tall items up. Hold the Tall items up while you stuff the sucker bouquets into the front of the basket:

Add your medium items and small items. Pull out a few paper shreds to add some needed disorder to the basket :-).

Spread the leftover paper shreds around the brim of the second basket. Place the top basket into the bottom basket.

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