Super Cheap Fleece Dusting Cloths

These cloths are super easy - no sewing involved! They're great for picking up dust and pet hair. 

Go to Joann Fabrics while blizzard fleece is 50% off ($4.49/yard while on sale). Do not buy off the bolt! Go the remnants section and  look for remnants that are very slightly larger than a third of a yard. These remnants are additionally discounted at 50% off the sale price ($2.25/yard while on sale).

They usually write the size in decimals, so find a remnant that is at least 0.33 yards. This will give you 4, 12" squares ($0.19 per cloth). I prefer to look for remnants that are 0.45 or 0.90 yards. That way I can make 16" squares.

Once you have the fleece, all you need to do is cut out squares! Easy peasy. I used an acrylic ruler, cutting mat and a pinking rotary blade but you can totally just use a scissors!

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