DIY Glow Bowl!

DIY Christmas Glow Bowl Craft

Who knew that softener salt could be so pretty?!

You could make these for winter celebrations or for a Song of Ice and Fire party! 

Have you read the Song of Ice and Fire series - better known as Game of Thrones? It's really quite fantastic. 

I came across this idea in a book from Danny Seo's Upcycling Series .He uses a wooden bowl  and corded lights!

Here's a cordless variation that doesn't require drilling through a bowl :-).

*Note: This should be made right before a party since you'll have to take the arrangement apart to turn off the tea lights individually!

You will need:
  • Flameless Tea Lights (I used 12 - two packs of 6)
  • Clear Glass Bowl
  • Softener Salt (Pellets or Crystals) or Sidewalk Salt
  • Wreath picks (optional)

Here's some softener salt - can be found for anywhere between $5 and $10 for a BIG (and heavy!) bag. Look on the bag to see if it contains pellets or crystals. Crystals are smaller and look more ... crystal-ly. Pellets are larger and slightly ovoid

Pour a small amount of salt into the bottom of the bowl. Turn on your tea lights. 

Add some lights to the bowl, pointed to the OUTSIDE of the bowl. 

Add more salt. 

Add the rest of the lights, pointing them UP and to the OUTSIDE of the bowl.

Add more salt. Make a mound so that all the lights are completely covered.

Decorate with wreath picks.

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