Quilled Book Art

This curled, quilled book makes an amazing decor item.

No glue! No tape! Lots of curling, though.

  • Hardcover Book
  • Wooden Dowels, varying sizes
  • Clippers or Heavy-Duty Scissors, optional

Pick a book. Curl the whole book OR use a jigsaw to cut the book into slices.

Decide where you'd like to start. Either start at one end or start in the center.

If you don't have wooden dowels, use a mix of thin markers, wooden spoons, colored pencils and bamboo skewers.

Start at the end of the page, tuck the paper around the dowel, and roll! Used different thicknesses to vary the tightness of your curls.

Just keep quilling! Don't be afraid to loosen some curls or tighten others in order to get a nice shape.

Don't worry about quilling every single page. Just curl until it feels right :-).

If the book is of medium thickness, the width of the paper curls will turn the book covers into a natural stand!

You may choose to trim away some of the book cover height and extra pages with a fatmax or other thick cutting tool. Totally up to you!

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