Pretty Origami Paper Hearts

I modified the Dollar Heart tutorial so that you can use the paper of your choice! This is vintage sheet music - it's really fragile so do a couple of practice runs with regular paper first. These pretty origami hearts can be used as ornaments, Valentines or gift tags!


  • Paper - 6" x 3"
  • Bone folder or butter knife
  • Glue gun or strong glue
  • All purpose glue or glue stick
  • Button
  • Paper Punch
  • String
  • Scissors

Quick overview picture tutorial - click through for more detailed instructions.

Use a bone folder, butter knife or the the top of a glue stick to make neat, crisp folds.

Cut paper at 2:1 dimensions. I used 6"x 3". The paper pattern you want to show should be on the back.

Fold corners up to meet in the top center. Unfold.

Fold corners down. Unfold

Your creases should look like this:

Pinch together the top and bottom triangles. This will make the sides fold in and meet in the center.

Fold and crease flat.

Fold back side corners.


This is for paper-folder of moderate/expert experience :-). Unfold the corner crease, unfold the center. The crease will create a square. Use the square to tuck the corner into itself like so:

Fold top and bottom points so that they meet at the sides.

Tuck your finger or the tip of a marker into the triangles you just created. Open up the fold and flatten it into a square. The side points should now be in the center. Repeat.

Fold inside sides of each square. Place a toothpick in each fold and flatten each fold.

Turn heart to the back side. Fold down top flap. Crease well.


Carefully unfold the heart. Use the crease you just made to pop the top inside of the heart. 

If you followed the regular steps, the back of your heart will look like this:

If you followed the optional steps, the back of your heart will look like this:

Glue down all flaps so that the heart lays flat. Punch a hole and draw the string through. Glue the button to the center.

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