Hello! I'm Heidi. 

I make things. 

Well, I sometimes make things when I'm not chasing a tiny human or dealing with toddler tantrums. 

I enjoy finding uses for recycled materials. I also like trying out things I've pinned from other bloggers.  So many smart, crafty peeps out there. 

This is Callie the Pug. She makes cute doggy faces all day long.

What do you make?


  1. Heidi - The things you show are so cute, fun, etc. It's fun to see them, & one of these days, I might just try one. Your work is great! Aunt Marna

  2. What a great about page. I like the concept behind the name. I had a blog called "frugaldoesabodygood." Hehe. I guess my ultimate aim is to promote my personal "brand" so I can be a paid author some day. =) Hope you had a wonderful weekend. Thanks for stopping by my blog.