Beer Bottle Tea Light Covers!

*** WARNING: Only use these covers with battery operated tea-lights. Due to the shape of the covers, real candles will heat the tops of the bottles to the point where they will burn you! ***

Turn your empties into Tea Light Covers!

You will need:

. . . And Battery-Operated Tea Lights and an old board!

Fold a length of cotton string eight times. Each length should easily fit around the bottle with enough string left over to tie a knot.

Put the skein of string into a plastic cup. Pour nail polish remover (must contain acetone!) over the string. Let the string soak in acetone for at least 10 minutes.

While the string is soaking, peel the label off the bottle. Forgot to photograph that part! Sorry!

Tie the soaked string skein around the bottle. Knot. Cut off excess.

Get out your lighter and bucket full of ice water. The water needs to be extremely cold, add plenty of ice cubes.

Okay, this part is VERY IMPORTANT! Hold the bottle sideways and light the string on fire. If the string does not immediately ignite, it hasn't soaked up enough acetone - you'll have to start over. If the string DOES ignite, hold each end of the bottle in a different hand and start spinning it sideways in one direction. Spin until the flame looks like it's beginning to die down. 

Immediately submerge the top of the bottle (from the top tip to the area right below the string) in ice water. You'll hear a crack. If it doesn't crack, start over.

The cut won't be perfect. It'll be good enough for our purposes. Remove labels, if necessary.

Find some battery operated tea lights and an old board. Place the tea lights on the board, place the beer bottle tops over the candles. If you use real candles, the tops of the bottles WILL BECOME HOT! Hot enough to burn! I learned this the hard way! Please don't use real candles!

If the bottle has a neat design that you'd like to highlight, give the cover a light wash with white acrylic paint.

Enjoy your new Beer Bottle Tea Light Covers! Covers that you will only use with battery-operated tea lights, right?!

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  3. love this, would be a great gift for someone who loves beer or has a bar or something.

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