Plaster Dipped Flowers

So, in the spirit of Danny Seo, I decided to try dipping fake flowers in plaster. It looked cool in the book. In my reality, not so much . . .

Just wanted to show you that even experienced crafters run into difficulties. This is both a tutorial and a step-by-step story of a craft-astrophe!

Materials List:

1 lb. Plaster of Paris mix
1 3/4 cup cold water
Large plastic bag
Fake flowers
Fancy Extra-Long toothpicks (pointy bottom, flat top)
Styrofoam block (from box packaging)
Bowl - will probably need to be thrown away
Paint stirring stick
Mod Podge Acrylic Sealer
Basket (with something to weigh the bottom down. Rocks or sand)

I readied my work area with a plastic liner under a couple layers of newspaper.

Replaced weak stems with long toothpicks by taking out the stems and popping the toothpicks into the flower heads.

Used a wire cutter to cut strong stems into the correct size.

Mixed my plaster. Looked a little runny. Added a bit more to make it look like pancake batter. Seemed legit. And then everything went wrong. 

I thought I had 1/2 hour of dipping time. Turned out to be more like . . . 5 minutes? Then I had a nifty concrete blob. Nice. 

Managed to dip some flowers. Plaster dust is everywhere. Plaster chunks are everywhere. PLASTER IS EVERYWHERE.

Stuck the stems into a spare piece of styrofoam. Waited 24 hours for them to dry. 

Thought about spraying them with Mod Podge sealer. Decided against it.

Spray painted a basket. Put a block of styrofoam inside the basket. Pushed the flower stems into the styrofoam. Messy. Very Messy. More plaster pieces scattered throughout the kitchen . . .

Decided to take the flowers outside to shoot final pics. Then this happened:

Huh. They kind of look better this way!

The crux of this story:

Martha Stewart, I ain't. Not today, anyway. Kristy of 3 Peppers is, though! She has tons of tips and tricks in her Hand-Dipped Plaster Flower tutorial:

Really wish I had read her tute before I attempting this craft ...!

Have you run into any craft-astrophes lately?

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  1. I know exactly how you feel! I went through a whole tube of plaster to figure it out... Here's what I got that kinda worked?! I thought it would be quick and simply... but nope... Here's my take:

    XOX - Happy crafting!

    1. Oh, Kristy! I wish I had seen your tutorial before I attempted this craft. Your method is wonderful!

  2. I have made several projects with dipped silks in plaster of paris and loved how they turned out, but I painted them and attached them to other decor…just a suggestion if you want a different use and look for them..

  3. Oh my...laughing with you at your craftastrophy! Looks like some of the Pinterest ideas I've fail spectacularly at! Thanks for sharing at Fridays Unfolded!