Twirly Triangle Box!

Make your own Twirly Triangle Boxes! Free Printable Template.

I've been developing this template for an embarrassingly long amount of time. These cute little triangles are spin-offs from the Twirly Envelope Template. Perfect to use as place cards, favor holders, note holders or any combination thereof!
You will need:

Twirly Triangle Template (Free Printable)
Card Stock
Double-sided Tape


Paper Scorer 
Medium-sized Stickers 

Print out the template onto cardstock.

Cut on solid lines. Do not cut on light dotted lines.

Crease all dotted lines. A paper scorer will give you the best, most professional-looking results. I lost my scoring blade so I used a table knife instead!

Optional Step: Use a marker to outline the outside of the shape. Outline slowly to allow the ink to fully seep into the paper.

Fully fold all creases. Cover the outside of the closing flap with double-sided tape.

Place the full third side over the closing flap. Press closed.

Close the end of the triangle. Place the first flap down, then place the next flap on top of it. The last flap will need to be partly tucked under the first flap.

If you'd like to turn this triangle box into a treat-holder/favor you will need to place a sticker both on the outside and inside of one flapped end. Give the stickers time to adhere and cure before you add any candy into the box. If the stickers haven't fully adhered, chances are that the candy will fall right through . . . so be patient!

Close the other end of the box.

Another optional step: Rub the fold lines of the triangle against the tip of a marker.

Make some more!


So many options for utilizing these boxes:

Wedding / party favors
Stacking toys
Kid crafts
Note holders
Wedding / dinner party place cards
Small gift holders

How will you use these Twirly Triangle Boxes?

Looking for the Twirly Envelope Template? Click here!

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  1. These twirly boxes are amazing. To a paper loving gal they are right up my ally. Would make a great party favor box. Thanks for sharing. Visiting you via Katherine's corner 'ThursdayFavThings" linkup

  2. Very cool! I love the edging. Thanks for sharing!

    Kristy @ 3 Peppers Recipes - Crafts, Cooking & Color

    1. Thanks! Yes, they look much better with the edging - more 'finished' :-).

  3. How cute! Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Great Idea Thursdays! :o)

  4. I love fun shapes. I'm a geometry fan so any fun shapes or origami-like crafts are right up my alley. I don't have any use for these but I still love them and think they are cute. I'm sure they can be used as little gift boxes and what not. I'll keep this around in case I have an opportunity to use it. Thanks for sharing these on Great Idea Thursdays I'm featuring this.

  5. What a cool box! I love it. I'm always looking for new, interesting boxes to use for jewelry gifts.

  6. These are so unique and original! I just mastered how to fold a regular square shaped box that I'm planning to show to a group of seniors. This would be awesome to learn how to do.!

    1. Thank you! You're right, this would be great for a group project!

  7. These are great, I can imagine dozens of times they will be just perfect. Thanks so much.

  8. These are so cool! I love the gold edges:)

  9. These are interesting and look so fun! Many possibilities. :) Thank you for sharing this..

  10. Thanks for sharing this. It looks like a fun way to offer someone a special surprise.

  11. You've been featured at Link'n Blogs link party! Way to go! Stop by to see your feature and link up again. :)

    Put A Bird On It