Easy Chunky Chalkboard Letters!

If you can write capital letters in chalk, you can definitely write chunky letters!

My bonus sister and I spent Saturday at Junk Bonanza. I'd consider it a tradition since we've been going for three years now.
Junk Bonanza lives up to its name - a bevy of junk awaits collectors, crafters and antiquers. Every year there are plenty of vendors selling chalkboard-paint covered stuff.  I thought that a short chalk lettering tutorial would be timely :-).

Break a stick of chalk so that one end is less than 1 inch long.

We'll be using the full length of the chalk to write, not the tip.

Hold the chalk sideways. Use capital letters. Write like you would normally write! Don't worry if the letters aren't exactly the same size. We'll equalize everything in the next step.

Using the edges of the letters as a guide, use the end of the chalk (not the length!) to write around each letter. If any letters seem too small, simply make the outline a little lower/higher. See how my N and K were a bit too small? I just drew the outline a little lower to compensate.

Fill in any empty spaces (in my case, the bottoms of N and K).

See? Super easy!











  1. Cute post! Thanks for sharing . . . I'll have to try this. Visiting from Katherine's Favorite Things.

    1. Thanks Nicole! It's so much easier to than drawing the letters out freehand :-).

  2. This one is the best crafty design not just in the kitchen, but any corner of the room! It reminds me of the days that we installed a new cabin in our backyard, which is; the chalkboard is one of the accessories that teach us how to smile every day! Thanks for sharing it with us, a unique and creative blog!

    Sebastian Chuter