Spider Web Lamp Shade OR Super-Sized Bowl!

Spider Web Lamp Shade! OR Super-Sized Spider Web bowl! 

These bowls caught my eye at Target a couple of weeks ago. 

The shape and construction was awesome so I spent a few minutes trying to fit them together and find a use for them. Ta-Da! Two uses! Lamp shade AND super-sized bowl!

  • (3) Spider Web bowls from the dollar section in Target. They come in purple, black and orange!
  • Coordinating Yarn - 5 pieces, each 8" long
  • Scissors

Lay out your bowls. Clip off the tags.

Tie and knot bowls together (tightly) at the five places indicated in the picture below:

Side shot:

If you flip it over, it should look like this:

Snip off the extra yarn.

Now you get to decide whether you want a lampshade or a bowl!

For the lampshade, unplug the lamp. Take off the existing shade, light and screw thingamabob.

Place the bottom of the web over the center lamp mechanism thing-y. 

Screw in the lamp thingamabob and bulb.

Nicely done! The next pic shows the Spider Web shade casting a  cool-looking web shadow:

The Super-Sized Candy Bowl is even easier - just balance it on one of the flat bowl bottoms and fill it with candy. Don't worry! Candy will stay in the tilted bowl!

 Not bad for a $3 craft!


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