Sunday Funday | Best Halloween Crafts!

Happy Sunday Funday! 

Only a few short weeks until Halloween - eek! 

Here are SIXTEEN fabulous Halloween projects for you to make! 

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I love the Walking Dead! Counting down the days until season 5! Get out your old barbies and zombify them. Click through for tips on how to keep them upright:

Ahh! Great Googely Eyes! This would be a great craft to make with your kids:

Easily make 4-foot-wide plastic spiderwebs:

Decorate baskets or gifts with these super cute pumpkins:

Perfect project to use up scrap wood! Make big ones for outside and little ones for inside:

Very fun accessories! This would be a great party craft:

 Think of it as the spooky version of a gingerbread house:

Turn common containers into something poisonous:

Now you finally have a reason to buy "Stiffy" fabric stiffener:

I love the Dollar Store Crafts blog! Make a plastic pumpkin centerpiece:

Get out your vinyl cutter and make these creepy crawl gift bags:

Mod podge! Such great stuff:

Never miss a chance to accessorize! Get out your glue gun right now:

Such cute paper rosettes on this pumpkin:

A three dollar Halloween craft:

This is one of the best Halloween crafts I've seen this year. Fantastic:

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