Sunday Funday Features #14!

What a week! I know that there's precious little proof of it on my blog but I have been crafting up a storm. And-plus-also I was accepted into the BlogHer ad network! Exciting times.

Enough about me ... on to the features! As always, No Pin code has been added to featured pics! Please pin from the featured pages, not this page. Thank you :-). 

This week's Bloggity Best:

Prettier than a real peony! Unlike real peonies, the outside petals will never brown and shrink into themselves. Truly lovely. Lia Griffith created a beautiful picture tutorial that can be found on her blog:

Jamie at Love Bakes Good Cakes made this masterpiece. If this picture makes you drool, just wait until you see the rest of the pics! And the pics of everything else she makes! Heaven. Find the recipe on her blog:

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