Louis Pasteur Wine Gift Tags | Free Printable!

Are you giving bottles of wine as gifts this holiday season? Print out these fun wine tags to place over the back label!

"Wine is the most healthful and most hygienic of beverages." 
-- Louis Pasteur

I have a feeling that Louis and I would get along very well.

I added a toast of my own (slightly paraphrasing Pasteur!) to make this into a fun wine bottle gift tag:

Here's to a Wholesome and Nutritious Christmas!

You will need:
  • Free Printable Louis Pasteur Wine Gift Tags
  • Scissors or paper trimmer
  • Double Sided tape (I like the Target Up & Up brand)
  • Printer w/ color ink (there's a light blue snowflake motif in the background)
  • White Cardstock

Print the tags onto white cardstock. Each page will contain four tags.

Write your name or a message in the blank spaces at the bottom of the tags.

Cut the tags apart. Place strips of Double-Sided tape along the two long edges.

Press tag over the BACK label of a wine bottle.

** I use double-sided tape instead of glue so that the receiver can peel off the tag and still see all the bottle info!

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