Poinsettia Fascinator!

How perfect would this Poinsettia Fascinator be for an Ugly Sweater Party? 

It's just so shiny. And ridiculous. And huge! 

Now I know how the Chiquita Banana model feels ...

You will need:
  • Headband
  • Faux Poinsettia 
  • Ridiculously Gaudy Wreath Pick
  • Felt Scrap (optional)
  • Glue Gun (optional)

You may not be able to find single faux poinsettias for sale. Look for faux poinsettia plants or garlands in the clearance section. 

All the poinsettia heads I've seen are put together like so:

Pull out the stem and spacers. You'll be left with this:

Put the wreath pick (make sure to find the sparkliest, gaudiest one in the whole store) through the center holes of the poinsettias:

From above it will look like this:

Wrap the wired end tightly around the headband. 

This may be all you need to do! I ran around the house and jumped up and down on my front porch. It stayed in place. A Christmas Miracle!

But you may want to fasten it more securely. Just place a piece of felt under the headband. Glue the felt to the undersides of the poinsettia leaves:

Check it out:

Ending this post with a gratuitous selfie:

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