Skirt to Scarf Refashion | Version 1

Hey! Here's one way to turn a knee-length (or longer) skirt into an infinity scarf!

You will need:
  • Knee-Length (or longer) Skirt - Must use a LINED skirt
  • Sewing Machine & Coordinating Thread
  • Scissors OR Rotary Cutter, Cutting Mat & Ruler
  • Needle & Pins

Take your skirt apart from its liner.

Cut all the way down the zipper seam:

 Cut out the lining:

You should now have two long pieces.

Fold the pieces in half length-wise. Place on top of one another.

Cut off the waist (this should remove the garment tags). Even out the CUT side and bottom of the skirt so that you're left with 2 rectangle-ish pieces. Don't worry if they're not completely even.

Lay out the two pieces of fabric. With RIGHT sides together, pin along one SHORT edge. Sew together. Remember to back stitch!

Lay out the (what should now be ONE) piece of fabric, right side up. Fold in half (so that long edges are on top of one another). Pin and sew.

 Cut ends to make them even (if needed).

Turn HALF of the tube inside out. This will make one end of the tube meet up with the other end of the tube. One end will be inside the other like so:

Pin and sew 3/4 of the way around. Turn the tube inside out through the 1/4 hole. Sew 1/4 hole closed by hand.

Wind it twice (or thrice!) around your neck. Fluff it a little to create the desired shape.

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