Cooling Rack Memory Board

This simple project took many, many coats of spray paint! Next time, I'll probably use black spray paint.

You will need:
  • Wire Brush
  • Metal Cooling Rack
  • Primer Spray Paint for Metal
  • Spray Paint for Metal in the color of your choosing
  • Clear Top Coat Spray Paint
  • Small Clothespins
  • Ribbon 
  • Pictures!

Look for racks with thin  grates.

Clean the rack, then use a wire brush to rough up the metal surfaces. Wipe away any fragments with an old t-shirt.

Follow the manufacturer instructions to prime the rack. After it's dry, spray with colored spray paint. Use multiple, light coats. Let dry.

Spray with a topcoat to protect the paint. Let set for at least 48 hours.

Cut a small length of ribbon. Tie both ends to the top rung of the rack. Hang on the wall.

Use small clothespins to attach pictures. I found these black clothespins in the Target dollar section. I sanded each clothespin to give them an "aged" look.

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