How to Make a Matching Magnet Set!

Tired of your cluttered-looking refrigerator door? Make a matching magnet set with a few coats of paint! 

Most of these magnets were free, either from fair booths, conventions or mailings. The idea of putting company logos and contact info on magnets is great - who doesn't need more magnets? But the amalgamation of magnets ends up looking pretty sad (see below):

Make them all match!

You will need:
  • Clean, dry magnets to paint
  • Spray paint that sticks to plastic surfaces - I used Krylon
  • Pretty spray paint - I used Krylon's Watermelon
  • Painting surface 
These are the paints I chose:

Lay the magnets on the painting surface. Spray with fusion spray paint. Let dry for at least 15 minutes. Spray again. Let dry.

Get your pretty spray paint ready! Spray magnets with two coats, letting magnets dry between coats.

Let the paint cure for a few hours.

Place the magnets back on the refrigerator. See? Pretty! 

What color will you use?

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