Life Hack: Easy Way To Open Plastic Packaging!

We've all been there, right? Buying something inexplicably wrapped in plastic casing that's eerily reminiscent of titanium steel? 

Your scissors are no match for it. The usually-dependable pocket knife makes drunken swipes but just can't get the job done. What to do, what to do ...

Get out your hand-held garden clippers. So simple! Works so well! Just use it like you'd use a scissors (but oh-so-more effectively!). They're sturdy. You'll have complete control over where you cut. 

I found this life-hack by accident while helping Mike put together his freestanding pull-up bar. So many hard-shelled plastic packages! Luckily, these clippers were still in the basement. I had forgotten to put them away after completing some sort of floral project. 

I always knew that my laziness would pay off some day :-).

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  1. I have cutters like yours and will try them next time I am struggling with plastic packages. Thanks.