DIY Tangle-Free Hair Accessories

These tangle-free accessories can be found everywhere from Anthropologie to Wal-Mart!  I first saw this idea on pinterest - check out Simple Medicine's tutorial.

Fun back-to-school project. Get together with your friends to make matching accessories!

You will need:
  • One yard Fold-Over Elastic - a plethora of color/design choices are available online or at Joann Fabrics. One yard will yield Four hair bands.
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Lit Candle
  • Altoids container (optional)

  1. Pick out some fun colors/designs!
  2. Cut an 8 inch length of elastic. 
  3. Fold in half. Knot the open end. Snip the cut edges.
  4. Hold the cut edges one inch away from a flame. This will seal the the ends and keep it from unraveling. DO NOT HOLD THE ENDS TOO CLOSE TO THE FLAME. The elastic will burn!

Wrap the finished bands around your wrist or an Altoids tin.

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