Turn a Bread Box into a Catch-All Organizer!

Who doesn't need more easily accessible storage/drawer space in their kitchen? Turn a bread box into a Catch-All Organizer!

Do you have a catch-all kitchen drawer? This is mine. Various types of tape seem to have taken over all the available space ...

Enter: Thrift store breadbox! A steal at only $2.99.

Too shiny, though.

Enter: Trusty can of Krylon. Love this color. It's sort of embarrassing to admit how many cans of Ocean Breeze I've gone through in the last few months.

I sprayed it with a couple coats of Krylon Matte Finish (not pictured).

Ta-Da! So handy for all adhesive needs.

Now I'm able to efficiently use all of the available Catch-All drawer space.

It doesn't reach a 'magazine-chic' level of organization but it's livable. Sustainable. I hope :-).

Go hit up the thrift store! Free up some Kitchen, Office or Bedroom drawer space by making a Bread-Box Organizer of your very own.


  1. Your junk drawer isn't junky enough. :)

    1. Ha ha ha! I purposely didn't take pictures of the other junk drawers!