Chalkboard Fun!

They're everywhere--pinterest, craft fairs, flea markets. Everything is getting a coat of chalk paint! I wanted some chalkboards but didn't feel like shopping for the perfect frame and glass/wood insert. Big mistake! Huge!

Chalkboard paint over canvases. Probably not the smartest idea ever. The canvas was a sponge! Three coats of paint were barely enough.

The canvases were hanging out in the basement, waiting for a wave of acrylic artistic inspiration. They had been there for a while . . . maybe three years? It was time to give up on artistic inspiration. I apologize to the spiders in the basement for taking their cobweb-building toys.

The chalkboards are great to have around. They're easy to add to any decorative scheme! 

If you decide to make one, find a frame with a glass insert or fit a piece of plywood into the frame. Paint the glass/wood with Zinsser primer (it sticks to any surface), then three or more coats of chalkboard paint, lightly sanding between coats. This way, you'll be able to use chalkboard markers instead of actual chalk. You'll have much neater lettering and much less chalk dust in your lungs. Learn from my mistakes!

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