Wrapping Paper from Amazon Rubbish!

Remember this picture of rubbish, courtesy of my Amazon shopping addiction?

Amazon Rubbish

I ironed it! And painted it. And wrapped it around a present. 

I may have too much time on my hands. 

Find the end of the rubbish. It may take awhile.

Get out ironing board. Heat Iron.

Iron the Paper! I used the highest heat setting on the iron.

Use an old wrapping paper roll to start rolling up the paper so it stays out of your way.

Keep on rolling and ironing. You'll end up with something like this:

Trim visible edge.

Cut a piece to fit the box you're wrapping.
Decorate and personalize! I used a pencil eraser and white paint. The House that Lars Built did a much better job. You could use paint markers and write Christmassy things on the wrapping paper. Because you are crafty like that.

Use a hot glue gun to add some wreath picks!

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