Pine Cone Clumps

Pine Cone Clumps. 

Fancy name, right? I aim to please. 

These will add a bit of holiday flare to wreaths, ornaments, presents, cards or napkin rings
You can either buy pine cones or scavenge in the great outdoors. If you scavenge, soak the cones overnight in water with a splash of bleach. Dry thoroughly before using. Spray with an acrylic sealer.

  • Pine Cones
  • Floral Wire
  • Wire Cutter

Use a wire cutter to snip off a 4 inch piece of wire (if you're using tiny cones. Cut a longer piece for larger cones). The wire is from Walmart, $3/spool.

Bend the end of the wire around your finger. It should look like a candy cane.

Place the crook of the candy cane into the bottom section of the cone.

How it should look from the bottom:

 Push the short end of the wire (the crook) into the cone.

Wrap the long end of the wire once around the cone. The wrapped wire should disappear into the cone, leaving a trailing tail.

 Repeat with two more cones. Twist the long wires together.

 Pine Cone Clump!

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