Craft Blog Basics: What are Linky Parties?

This is the first installment of Craft Blog Basics, just a few tips and tricks I've found while on this blogging adventure! Today's tip? Linky Parties!

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What the heck are Linky Parties?

Linky parties are places crafters can go to share their crafts and see what everyone else is working on. They're hosted by either individual bloggers or a collective of bloggers. These bloggers pay a fee to companies such as InLinkz for their linking tools. This allows a blogger to host a fun party with pictures and links back to the attending guests. 

Who's hosting?

To attend some fun parties, go to your favorite craft blog. Find their toolbar to see if they have a link to "Linky Parties". If they don't have a "Linky Party" page, open one of their posts. See if there are any buttons or links at the bottom of their post. They may also have buttons in their sidebar that state "I was featured at (insert name of fabulous craft blog)". Chances are, these are links to where they party! Click Here to see my Ultimate Link Party Directory!

Why you should join the party (even if you're not a blogger!):

Not a blogger? Craft Linky Parties are a fun and fast way to see many, many crafts all in one place. You'll find new favorite bloggers at every party. Instead of Pinning from other people on Pinterest, go straight to the sources of Pin-spiration. Be a trend-setter!

You're a blogger? Craft Linky Parties are a great way to share your crafts with the crafty world. You'll not only meet fantastic new friends, the parties will help boost traffic to your blog by making your crafts visible to a new audience. 

Some parties have hundreds of guests, others have dozens. They're all fun in their own way. The large parties are fun because there are SO MANY IDEAS! The smaller parties are fun because they're a bit more intimate and it's easier to visit more crafters without getting overwhelmed by craftiness. 

Party Etiquette:

Follow the rules your host sets forth! They won't be onerous. Just link back to the party from the post you shared, follow the hosts on one of their networking sites, pin a feature pic, etc. 

It's also good form to thank the hosts. After all, they hosted a fabulous party, showed you some new crafts, sent traffic your way and paid a fee for the hosting tools.

Hope you learned something new! See you at the Party!

P.S. Yes, it is laughable that I have the presumption to give blogging tips. I've been blogging for what - three seconds?! Not pretending to be any kind of expert. Just want to share what I've learned. Hope it can help other newbies :-).


  1. Great tips! I didn't start joiny linky parties until just recently. They're a great way to meet people!

    1. Thanks! Linky parties are so much less scary than Craft Gawker! No risk of rejection. Just fun and new friends :-).

  2. Thank for the tips! I'm a little intimidated by the long list of parties in your directory, but I can't wait to figure out the whole process and start meeting new people/sharing lots of fun craft ideas!

    1. Oh, sorry for the intimidation factor! Don't feel like you have to hit every party every day - that would take up way too much time. After visiting parties, you'll get a feel for the ones you want to take part in. Everyone will absolutely love your jewelry! :-)

  3. It took a year for me to learn about link parties so this is great. :) We really grew once we started linking up and now host our own. Really people, they are an awesome way to meet fellow bloggers and show of your own posts!

    1. They are awesome! Do you like hosting? Hosting always seemed like a lot of work! I really appreciate everyone who hosts.