Jan 16, 2014

Upcycled Chalkboard Shopping Bags

Don't you just love these upcycled chalkboard bags? 

Please tell me I'm not the only one with this problem: I go shopping. The saleslady puts my purchases in a shopping bag. I go merrily home. Put the clothes away. Don't know what to do with the bag. It's too nice to throw away. But doesn't seem nice enough to keep. So it gets stuffed in the pantry . . . with the 813 other forlorn shopping bags.

Well, I found a solution! Paint the bags with chalkboard paint! Great way to use the leftovers from painting your own chalkboard canvas. The idea behind this project is courtesy of Danny Seo's book, "Upcycling Celebrations."

You will need:

Shopping bag
Chalkboard paint

1. Get out a shopping bag. One that is thicker than a regular grocery bag, with a shiny finish. Cut off the handles.

2. Grab the chalkboard paint, brush and newspaper.

3. Start painting the bag with up and down strokes (rather than side to side). Going up and down will help keep a clean top edge.

4. Stick your hand and arm in the bag and paint the remaining sides. Don't forget to pull up your sleeves!

5. Set the bag upside down and paint the bottom. Let dry. Touch up paint, if needed.

6. Let dry again.

7. Cut off one or two strands of twine. Start at the front of the bag, thread through the front and back, swoop around the back, through the other back hole, then through other front hole. See pic if these directions just aren't doing it for you!

8. Tie a bow. Write a message with chalk on your new upcycled, reusable gift bag! Use for birthdays, Valentine's day, Christmas . . . everyone will ooh and ahh!

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  1. Me like! *eyes the seven million bags folded in the closet* :grin: thank you.

    1. Ha ha! You're welcome! The great thing about chalkboard paint is that it makes ANYTHING look 7500% better :-).


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